Our people

Erik Bell


Los Angeles

Senior Director


Erik Bell.vcf

+1 213 234 3804


Erik Bell is a senior director at Zolfo Cooper with over 18 years of diversified business experience advising stakeholders on strategic transactions, including restructuring and M&A activities...

Robert Bingham


New York

Senior Director


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+1 212 561 4130


Bob Bingham is a senior director at Zolfo Cooper with more than 25 years of restructuring and management experience. He has represented debtors in large, complicated bankruptcy cases, as well as...

Charles Carnaval


New York

Senior Director


Charles Carnaval.vcf

+1 212 561 4090


Charlie Carnaval has more than 30 years of combined experience in private industry, consulting and interim management. He has advised clients in a variety of industries including professional...

Mark Cervi


Los Angeles

Senior Director


Mark Cervi.vcf

+1 213 234 3805


Mark Cervi, a senior director with Zolfo Cooper, has over 18 years of diversified business experience including 15 years specializing in restructuring. He has provided interim management and advisory...

Jesse DelConte

DelConte 12-16-13 Web (BW).jpg

New York

Senior Director


Jesse DelConte.vcf

+1 212 561 4175


Jesse DelConte has over 12 years of restructuring and financial advisory experience across numerous industry sectors, including energy, retail, automotive, business and industrial services,...

Our people