Forensic Accounting

We serve as specialized resources in matters involving accounting and financial fraud. We uncover the facts related to an event, summarize our findings and help remediate the situation. Our team can assist in maximizing recovery through settlement, litigation or other means of asset retrieval.

  • Investigation of Facts
    • Gather and review and analyze relevant documents
    • Retrieve electronic data in a discreet, forensically sound manner
    • Trace flow of funds and unwind complex financial transactions
    • Identify and interview parties of interest
    • Interact with management, board, creditor committees and special committees, regulators, law enforcement and independent auditors

  • Summary of Findings
    • Explain internal control breakdowns and underlying causes
    • Reconstruct and reconcile accounts and explain results
    • Assess damages
    • Communicate findings and recommendations
    • Support third party investigations

  • Remediation
    • Recommend enhancements to internal controls
    • Suggest human resource adjustments
    • Pursue asset, insurance and litigation recovery efforts
    • Coordinate resolutions with regulators, law enforcement and auditors, as applicable
    • Monitor effectiveness of remediation