Litigation Consulting

We provide independent financial analysis, negotiation assistance, settlement advisory, expert testimony and other types of litigation services. Our professionals support clients through all stages of disputes: from initial background investigations to ultimate resolutions.

  • Settlement Efforts
    • Dispute evaluation
    • Damage analysis
    • Litigation assessment
    • Preliminary settlement discussions
    • Arbitration & mediation

  • Pre-trial Discovery
    • Interrogatories & document requests
    • Document and e-discovery review
    • Depositions and expert reports
    • Case assessments

  • Trial & Judgment
    • Expert testimony
    • Trial advisory
    • Graphics and demonstratives
    • Judgment recoveries

Our work typically involves reviewing significant amounts of electronically stored information (ESI). Our team is experienced in coordinating the collection, processing, review and production of ESI in a manner that is defensible in court.