Performance Improvement

In today’s dynamic economic environment, the most successful enterprises are those that respond effectively to the many external and internal challenges that can impact operating performance.

For most businesses, these challenges include: shifting industry trends; changes in the competitive landscape; new and expanded customer demands; pricing pressures; departures of key management and employees; increasing costs of raw materials as well as countless other issues. In many cases, the economic model that has been proven successful in the past may no longer generate the desired performance. Company strategy, operational emphasis, management infrastructure and performance expectations all need to change as products and enterprises mature in the business cycle.

Zolfo Cooper’s Performance Improvement services focus on assisting clients in addressing these challenges. We help clients maximize the value of their enterprise by designing and implementing plans to enhance operating performance. We are adept at driving performance improvement through both fundamental alteration of -- and incremental change in -- business composition, infrastructure and management processes.

Our process is proven. Zolfo Cooper’s seasoned professionals, many of whom have served in executive management positions and understand the challenges of those roles, integrate analysis, insight and action to deliver value to our clients. Our Performance Improvement specialists are often called upon to assist in the following circumstances:

  • Shortfalls in anticipated operating results;
  • Continuing declines in operating margins and other key success measurements;
  • Slowdown in historic revenue growth;
  • Liquidity position eroding and becoming operating constraint
  • Board/management conducting strategic review of operating units/divisions;
  • Issuance of new debt or refinancing;
  • Management negotiating restructuring of balance sheet obligations;
  • Board contemplating divestiture of division(s) or sale of entire enterprise;
  • Reaction to changes in circumstances and operating environments.

Zolfo Cooper’s Performance Improvement services include:

  • Product/Service/Channel/Geography/Customer Profitability Analysis
  • Product/Service Cost Assessment
  • Asset Infrastructure Rationalization
  • Organizational Effectiveness Assessment
  • Liquidity Improvement Initiatives
  • Management Controls and Process Improvement Assessment
  • Compensation and Incentive Plan Design
  • Comprehensive Business Plan Development
  • Interim Management and Transition Leadership
  • Implementation Support
  • Divestiture of Non-Core Operations
  • Management Development